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Fantastic energy efficient conservatory

Friday, July 1st, 2016

Now adding a DIY or you can say the self build conservatory to your home is well thought-out to be the most economic solution to enlarge your everlasting living space. Not only are conservatories inexpensive to build than a brick constructed home extension they always don’t need planning authorization and can be designed in days or just in weeks.


Celsius One Glass Roof diy conservatory

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Comes to diy conservatory quote
With its blue tint and enhanced abilities, Celsius One sets a new standard in performance glazing.
In keeping with our commitment to continued innovation, diy conservatory quote and the conservatory base company has a stunning range of ‘coated’ smart glass that’s perfect for use in conservatory roofs. Glass that can help to keep homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter, whilst offering other benefits such as minimal maintenance, ease of cleaning and much more besides.
Impressive technological features combined with a subtle blue tint in the glass helps ensure that unwanted glare is kept to a minimum allowing for all year round enjoyment of the conservatory. Other features mean heat from inside the home is reflected back into the property, whilst excessive solar heat is deflected away. Celsius is one of the few glazings on the market to offer this unique combination of heat reflection and thermal insulation.

Heat Reflection: 78%
Celsius One reflects approximately 3 times more solar energy than standard glass.
U-value: 1.0
U-value measures internal heat loss, the lower the number, the greater the insulation.

UV Protection: 94%
Reduces the effect of harmful UV rays allowing greater protection of your furniture and fabrics.
Easy Clean
The Easy Clean coating reduces the requirement of manual cleaning, as it enables water to run off the glass taking most dirt and grime with it.

Glare Factor: 53%
Celsius One reduces glare by 53% compared to standard glazing.

Celsius Performance Roof Glass

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Celsius glass is the original high performance glass for conservatory roofs. It stands out from the crowd with its blue tint giving your conservatory that modern look. Its unique coating reflects 72% of solar energy that’s almost three times as much as glass making it ideal for keeping cool those south facing diy conservatories.

In an economic climate where saving energy is a key deciding feature Celsius out performs standard glass by 50% and so reducing heating bills. But what else does celsius offer ? Well in noise reduction tests it reduced noise by 100% compared to 25mm polycarbonate. In addition it reduces glare by 44% compared to normal glass, but most importantly with its easy clean coating water just runs off taking most dirt and grime with it. No more dirty conservatory roofs to clean. Why not ask for a price with Celsius glass or enter you details into our website and a free price quotation will be sent to you to include the Celsius glass roof price.