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Edwardian Double Hipped Conservatory

Edwardian Double Hipped Conservatory

You can get an instant price for a Edwardian Double hipped conservatory now. All you have to do is fill in the details on the right hand side of this page.


Hi Kevin,
Yes, I'm very pleased you encouraged me to go ahead with fitting the conservatory. I think it was a very good value and worthwhile addition to the living space of the house and will bring me a lot of pleasure. I was worried about: 1. How on Earth I was going to make the box gutter work against the two not quite parallel sections of house wall I didn't need to it all worked perfectly

edwardian double conservatory

Our Edwardian Double hipped conservatories all come with technology that allows us to not only fully reinforce your conservatory for maximum security and strength but also making ours the quickest and easiest Edwardian Double hipped conservatory to construct. Technology is a simple system that allows us to factory glaze your window and door frames taking away all the cost and danger of breaking the glass. We also include a massive 210mm box gutter that is capable of taking away over 1000lts of water per minute making it big enough for any roof running into it including a bungalow.


Edwardian Double hipped Fitting and Survey Service Available UK wide.

Our fitting and survey service is available on all our fits and is priced reasonably on all our Edwardian Double hipped conservatories. Whether you are living in a bungalow and concerned about fitting the conservatory above existing doors and windows or just dont have the time or ability it's not a problem. We take care of the build from beginning to end.

edwardian hipped conservatory

All our Edwardian Double hipped conservatory quotes also come with a price for our real brick steel conservatory base system that fits every time, the Durabase. Unlike a traditional trench and foundation base our Durabase is just a grid sequence of concrete pads that you dig out prior to delivery and then once delivered the average base time is just 4-6hrs including the walls.

Warranties And Guarantees

All our conservatories are manufactured and tested to BBA (building regulation) standards. K2 roof system has a full BBA acreditation see here as do our Legend window and door system. See here. Our conservatories have a 10 year manufacturer backed warranty with the durabase having a 25 year warranty. Does your local builder offer you such security ? We are also members of Homepro Insurance which means we have been financially vetted and our previous customers have given reference checks for quality, timeliness value for money and courtesy. This is higher than the government backed trading standards approved scheme which actually gives you no financial checks or no come back if the company ceases to trade. With us you are insured all you need to do is add this in your quotation.

The Edwardian Double hipped quote Process

Our Edwardian Double hipped conservatories offer the best value for money on the market. Our unique online quotation system lets you design the Edwardian Double hipped conservatory of your dreams at your own pace with no technical expertise required. Once you have submitted you Edwardian Double hipped conservatory design you are automatically sent an online price with no salesmen and no hassle. Every quotation then receives its own free 3d drawings within 24hrs for you to look at and discuss with either your builder or us. At this point you can add and take away any design feature that you like and our friendly staff that have over 25years experience will take their time and ensure that you get the best conservatory and advice you can for your budget. All Edwardian double hipped conservatories are base on external wall dimensions with the box gutter included.

Bespoke Edwardian Double hipped Conservatory Design

Although the internet is great for getting an initial guide price you still may not be able to truly design your Edwardian Double hipped conservatory to your exact requirements. For instance we specialise in two walled or front only Edwardian Double hipped conservatories where fitting into a corner or between two buildings is required. We also fit this design to bungalows under or on the soffit or any other single story building. Its also great on large wide designs as it allow for great depth with out the need for glass joiners or muntin bars

Delivery of a Edwardian Double hipped Conservatory

All our conservatories come fully palletised straight from the factory on 40ft curtain sided lorries. There are two men on the vehicle and all you need to do is put the kettle on and check the final amount of packages that we deliver. Once you have signed our easy read delivery note you still then have a month to let us know if there are any other problems. This is more than enough time to put the conservatory up and make sure that it's right. No other company offers this 30 day part replacement service.

Still not sure if the Edwardian Double hipped is the right design for you just ring 01162960728

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