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Conservatory Survey and Fitting Service

Eliminate Risk with homepro insurance and conservatory base company

Conservatory Survey Service

Eliminating Risk

IF you are unsure about any part of your conservatory build we now offer a survey service. We only charge a minimal fee of £200 that covers the time to get to site as we are sure that after meeting our team that you will feel confident with enough knowledge to purchase that dream conservatory. Our experienced surveyor that is MTC approved will cover all aspects of your proposed build and check for all the hidden instances that a new builder might not such see as drains , heating ventilation and height restrictions. Generally we take around a 7-10 days to get out to you as we like to optimise our surveyors work journeys to make him as efficient as possible but in some cases if we are in the area we will be out quicker. Our surveyor will take away all the worry of the measuring the site correctly but more so be also available for you to ask and alter your design on site to make sure that its exactly as you want it. Our survey service is only available as part of our fitting service and the survey fee simply changes into the deposit for the fitting service and is deducted from the fitting cost.

90% of our surveys then go on to use our total fitting service and if this is the case we simply change your survey fee into the deposit and now you survey is FREE.

Financial Risk Covered

In addition all deposits are cover by our home pro Insurance backed guarantee that covers deposits up to 25% of the contract value to a max of £10000 if you have decided to select this option

Conservatory Fitting Service

Coupled with our survey service this is the most cost effective way to get your conservatory put up in under 3days. At diy conservatory quote we have made our base system and conservatory system so quick and easy to build that the home owner or average diy'er can put up the conservatory. What happens when the professional fitter come to town ?? YOU SAVE !
Our MTC approved fitters are all fully in house trained in putting up our conservatories. They do from the very large 8mt x 5mtr box guttered Edwardians on to bungalows to the durabase porches that are constructed and finished in a day. When we fit your conservatory we bring all materials to site to complete the job in a few days.


Designed to go together and be finished in a day our professional teams will turn up on site and have the base pad plans dug out and concreted in just a few hours. We supply all the materials all you need to do is just make them the odd cup of tea as its always appreciated. Once the concrete pads are set the actual durabase will take them between 2-4hrs to complete depending upon its size and type. Then it's on to the conservatory.