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Delivery Info for UK Mainland, Scotland and Ireland: DIY Conservatories and Garden Buildings

Delivery Info for UK Mainland, Scotland and Ireland: DIY Conservatory Quote
We don’t just load your conservatory onto our transport and then expect you to unload it, we deliver your dream conservatory to your door, at no extra cost!

Delivery Info for UK Mainland, Scotland and Ireland: DIY Conservatory Quote

Our deliveries to the UK mainland are usually within 28 days

NO additional surcharges for delivery to Scotland

DIY Conservatory Quote now delivers to Ireland

When your conservatory is delivered and unloaded, larger Items such as doors and panels become imediately apparent whilst still being imaculately labelled and identified. All packages are referenced A,B,C etc and Contained within PACK (A) along with the main instructions is a set of component check lists which you will use to identify the items contained within each pack.

As you can see from the photo’s packing of our conservatory is just as important us as the design of your conservatory. Each Item in the ancillary pack is laid out and photographed with you name and job identification. This photograph is then attached to the ancillary pack so that you can check off each individual item (if you wish).

This attention to detail is what we believe makes the difference.

All our conservatories come on our own transport and are preglazed so no glass is broken and then banded to a pallet as shown

DURABASE Advanced Base and Wall Systems for Conservatories


Subject to the conditions listed below, for a period of twenty-five years from the date of supply, Wye Valley Engineering Ltd undertakes to replace or repair, at its sole discretion but free of all charges, any fault which develops due to defective materials or workmanship relating to the manufacture of its products.


Wye Valley Engineering Ltd shall only be bound by the terms of the above twenty five year guarantee providing that:

This guarantee and undertaking is given conditional upon the account for the product having been paid in full under the terms of the contract, or otherwise secured to the satisfaction of Wye Valley Engineering Ltd as acknowledged in writing and there was lodged with Wye Valley Engineering Ltd on completion. The guarantee is transferable.

Durabase is a trade name of Wye Valley Engineering Ltd, Durabase House, Netherwood Road,
Rotherwas Industrial Estate, Hereford, HR2 6JU

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