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Replacement Glass Conservatory Roof

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High Strength Rafters

Global rafter bars are designed for heavy glass so you don't have to compromise on design or weather performance.

Tie Bolt

Improves your living space by removing up to 60% of tie bars from inside the conservatory.

Variable Valley Gutter

Fits the exact angle of the roof to ensure weather tight, attractive gutter

Insulated Box Gutter

Our unique box gutter is twin skinned and insulated to cut condensation. A special fixing plate means unlike other roofs no holes are drilled in the gutter so no leaks.

No holes through the roof

We dont think its a good idea to drill holes in something that should be fully watertight. The unique internal fixing bolts the roof together from the inside for higher security. No screw holes means no leak.

Perfect Lead Flashing

The starter bar leaves a perfect lead flashing line seamlessly connecting house and conservatory. The lead dresses into a built in soaker tray forming a watertight seal and no lead is dressed onto the roof preventing unsightly staining.


Woodgrain Global top cappings are made from aluminium so will not warp or distort in the heat of the sun, preventing slippage of the glass or glazing sheets.


No one wants to look at their conservatory roof and see thick black gaskets around every glazing bar. That's why we have designed the Global roof with concealed gaskets.