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Bifolding Doors UPVC

Please find a selection of our Upvc Bifold doors. If it's not pvc that you are looking for then we also can deliver all styles, all over the uk in Aluminium. As you can see we have two pane bifold doors , three pane bi fold doors all the way up to 7 seven pane bifold doors. They come in variety of colours but mainly we sell white bifold doors, light oak and rosewood. If you are struggling to decide what type of bifold door it is you are looking for and an wondering what's the trick to deciding how many door panels I need in my bifold door the rule of thumb is that you make each panel around 750mm but no more than 1000mm per panel. So if you have a door around 3500mm this is more likely to be a 4 pane bifold than a 3 panel one.

Fitting of bifold doors

All openings have to be correctly supported. All bifold doors are sensitive to warped or bowing top tracks and will stick if not correctly supported from above. At we always advise our customers of the maximum opening available , however usually with glass roofs and not getting into supporting portal structures we can easily accommodate around 2700mm which is most of a side of a reasonable size conservatory say 4000mm x 4000mm

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