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icotherm roof systems are bespoke manufactured to precisely meet project requirements and supplied in kit form for convenient and speedy assembly on site.

There is no doubt that a significant market opportunity exists for the upgrading or replacement of old conservatory-style building extensions in the UK today.

According to the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC), approximately 18% of households in England have a conservatory (c. 4,000,000 conservatories across the 21.9 million households) and only 77% of these conservatories have heating (source: Energy Follow-Up Survey 2011 report 6: Conservatories, prepared by the BRE on behalf of the DECC, December 2013).

According to Palmer Market Research, as recently as 2005 70% of new conservatory installations in Great Britain were fitted with polycarbonate glazing with the remaining 30% incorporating glass, although that specification statistic has now been reversed in favour of high performance insulated roof glass (source: Palmer Market Research report, August 2013).

So there are millions of ageing traditional-style conservatories across the UK glazed with lightweight polycarbonate that are looking tired, are noisy, are probably weathered and in need of maintenance and certainly cannot be used throughout the year ("too hot in summer, too cold in winter"). All these factors result in a compelling demand to upgrade with a high performance icotherm roof systems.

icotherm roof system

Conservatory Icotherm roof systems

Edwardian Double Hipped Style RoofEdwardian Double Hipped Style Roof
Edwardian Style RoofEdwardian Style Roof

Victorian Style RoofVictorian Style Roof
Lean -To Style RoofLean -To Style Roof

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