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The finest vertical sliding sash windows

With the benefits of modern day technology

Your property is so much more than just a house, it’s your home and normally your largest single asset. So when you want to capture the look of a traditional vertical sliding sash window, our PVC-U windows are the perfect solution.

Manufactured to maintain the elegant proportions of traditional sash windows, whilst incorporating the very best of modern day technology, enables you to enjoy the low maintenance and high security of PVC-U without the problems associated with timber sash windows. Your new windows are guaranteed for 10 years as they are

manufactured from the highest quality materials under the strictest quality controls.

Our windows feature tilting upper and lower sashes for ease of cleaning, low line beads and gaskets for improved sight lines, energy efficient glass to reduce your heating bills, and above all they are quality assured for your peace of mind.
From a terraced house to a stately home, our vertical sliding sash windows ensure that your property retains its character and charm. You can choose from a wide range of styles, colours and hardware options to complement your home perfectly.

Easy maintenance cleaning

No more sanding and painting


You can now avoid the need for costly cleaning chemicals, varnish and paints. Manufactured using the latest modern materials, your new windows will never rot, flake, peel or rust. Your new windows will simply require an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth.

The PVC-U vertical sliding sash windows not only slide up and down like traditional windows, but tilt inwards so that the panes can be easily accessed making it easy to clean your windows from the inside.

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

Recyclable, lead-free and energy saving

Today window designers have more challenges. Not only do they need to design windows to keep out the wind and rain and let the sun in, but they also have to consider the environmental impact too.
Our windows are not only lead-free, but also carry an A energy rating as standard, with Low-E double glazed units to keep the heat in, and help reduce your heating bills. The windows also have brush seals around the openings for exceptional draught proofing.

Choosing PVC-U over timber is an environmentally friendly choice. The majority of end of life PVC-U windows can be recycled over and over again to produce new windows.

By purchasing our vertical sliding sash windows you are not only keeping your home warm all year round and reducing your heating bills, but also helping the environment.