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Konnect Technology Conservatory Design is Changing

Konnect Technology

Unique Installation Benefits

  • Konnecting locking cams can dramtically reduce fitting times
  • Our frames come Pre-glazed so you don't smash glass units fitting.
  • Faster installation Panels just glide into pre-routed sill
  • Dont look for Bits ours are all labelled
  • Free Dvd and comprehensive Instructions
  • Aluminium between frames for extra Strength
  • No Drilling Required

Do you have the ideas but are concerned about the skills required to build a conservatory. With Konnect Technology your dreams just became one step closer so worry no more! Konnect Technology is the system that uses innovation and design to simplify the build process and speed it up considerably.

Our Konnect locking allows you to lock pre-glazed frames together. Currently most systems on the market are supplied unglazed and you screw the frames together fit the roof and then glaze the windows and doors - a difficult and time consuming process.

Konnect Locking System

Our system allows you to lay out the sills and slide the panels together. You simply then take a Konnect cam slot it into place and with a ¼ turn lock it.

Worried about joining the conservatory to the house? Our first fix locking system gets you around that.

No more shifting heavy double doors as ours system is supplied in only three parts, outer frame and two sashes to lift and hinge on. Just for that extra precision we make them adjustable in three directions.

A quick check to ensure that the frame sizes are correct and erected, and it's onwards and upwards! Our roofs are made exactly to size to fit on top of the frames. No cutting down polycarbonate sheets here. We make everything to fit your sizes. Still concerned whether you can complete your own installation? W also give you access to our technical assistance free phone number, an step-by-step dvd and a 70 page installation guide to ensure that you get the support you need to complete the job in no time.

Konnect Technology