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Testimonials 2016

Edwardian Diy Conservatory with a celsius one glass roof Designed by the customer and built by us November 2016 if you notice with this design the double door has been offset to the right so that it is in-line with the house back door.

November 2016 Edwardian conservatory with a deep 4 brick skirt and a single door on the left

single doors
Nov 2016 Single doors are available if you prefer

lean to conservatory
Lean to conservatory with a sliding patio door and a full height durabase to the righthand side. All built in under 3 days. (If you look carefully you can see the open back of the full height wall ready for the electrician).

celsius glass roof
A celsius glass roof from above

conservatory plastring

November 2016
Edwardian with a celsius one glass roof and internally plastered

hipped back edwardian
Light oak double hipped back edwardian onto a single storey extension

light oak edwardian
light oak edwardin

Light Oak edwardian double hipped conservatory october 2016 Thank you for all your work and patience. We are very pleased with the conservatory - it looks fantastic.

cat flap conservatory
Hi kevin
Just wanted to say a big thank you for you and your team for sorting everything out for us Tony and the boys were only here 2 days and an hour this morning It went up very fast I'm left with a few things to do but in general very pleased with it all ! Sorry for always on at you but so glad we did as even the cat flap is great I presume now I activate the home pro insurance Many thanks Simon and Lucy.

A lantern conservatory on a flat roof October 2016

lean to conservatory
This lean to conservatory was built October 2016 and between a 3/4 wall on the left and a garage wall on the right hand side. The centre double doors and full height side panels allow for an light and airy design.

lean to conservatory
October 2016
A nice lean to with a single door and a roof onto the soffit of the bungalow.

edwarding diyconservatory
Edwardian Diy conservatory with Celsius one glass roof and a 3/4 height wall to the right


Lean to Diy Conservatory this Model is full Height glass to ground

Edwardian Conservatory with an opal Polycarbonate roof

Diy conservatory Edwardian style built by diy conservatory

edwardian diy conservatory
Edwardian diy Conservatory with a Celsius one glass roof

A hipped back Edwardian on a bungalow by DIY conservatory quote

edwardian conservatories

edwardian conservatory
another nice edwardian on a durabase September 2016

edwarding diy conservatory
Edwardian with a full height durabase to the left and a celsius glass roof built by us in two days

garder building
August 2016 What A lovely garden building thanks for the photo

diy conservatory testimonial
Another lovely diy conservatory thanks

diy conservatory
Real stone built 2016

diy conservatory testimonials

suzi conservatory
Fitted by us built august 2016

suzi conservatory
Built by us in two days August 2016

suzi conservatory
Fitted August 2016 onto a customers existing wall and under a Juliet balcony.

Nice work guys !

suzi conservatory
"Found Just to prove we do deliver to the outer hebrides"


"New porch, For all of you out there wondering how high a durabase will go ! "


Pavilion conservatory
Fitted by us in 3 days Anthracite grey Pavilion conservatory .

conservatory fitted
Lovely conservatory fitted by Diy'er .

edwardian conservatory
Edwardian Conservatory conservatory Fitted in 3 days .

lean to durabase
June 2016 A large lean to with durabase on a bungalow.

edwardian conservatory
June 2016 A great way to improve your home Edwardian Conservatory with durabase

Completed late April 2016 and we did the one next door !!

March/April 2016 full height wall durabase with an edwardian conservatory

Busy on site edwardian on a durabase

capella orangery
A green capella orangery 2016

april 2016
April 2016

april 2016 testimonial
April 2016

march testimonial 2016
March 2016

march 2016 testimonail
March 2016

lean to offset
Feb 2016 lean to offset doors and a catflap

bifold doors
Conservatory with Bifold doors Feb 2016

feb 2016
Feb 2016

lean to jan 2016
Lean to Jan 2016

april 2016

april 2016 conservatory testimonial