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10 tips for a great Conservatory Design

  1. Work out the size of your conservatory foot print : Although obvious the size of your conservatory will affect the style you pick. E.g. if you are limited on space stay away from the designs with angled corners like the Victorian conservatory or you won’t get your conservatory furniture inside
  2. Survey the proposed site : Look around for manhole covers for drains etc. But also stand in the garden and look back at the house and see if there are any toilet over flows or drain pipes that you need to tell the conservatory designer about.
  3. Decide on your budget : As with every purchase getting the most for you money if paramount. But don’t be fooled by cheap conservatory prices always check the conservatory specification against the price.
  4. Select you conservatory Style : These can vary and don’t be afraid to ask for something special if that’s what you want. At diy conservatory quote we can draw and design and advise you on all aspects of the conservatory design process.
  5. Conservatory Colour : Generally the rule of thumb is match the conservatory to your house or bungalows window colour. We offer white, rosewood, light oak or rosewood on white. We stay away from coloured conservatories as getting the ancillaries to colour match is difficult despite what the companies selling them say.
  6. Conservatory door position : One of the most important considerations when designing a conservatory. The natural temptation is to put the doors, when looking back at the house, middle and centre. Now if you stop and think about this it immediately drives a walkway corridor straight through the middle of the conservatory. The best place is usually on one of the sides.
  7. Conservatory Roof Type : Generally there are two roof types of conservatory roof. Glass or polycarbonate. If you are new to all this here is a quick and easy guide to roofs. Polycarbonate roofs are cheaper than glass roof. If you are going for a polycarbonate roof make sure you get as thick as you can. Certain high street diy stores are selling 16mm roofs our standard is 25mm but you can upgrade to 32mm. If you decide on a glass roof you instantly are opting for the quieter option if it rains but make sure you don’t lose all your heat from the building. Select a high performance glass and you won’t be disappointed.
  8. Conservatory Glass type : This is all about heat loss and what you are using your conservatory for. If you want to use your conservatory all year round you need to select a low emission heat saving glass like Pilkington k glass. This glass reflects heat back into the room whilst allowing the suns warming rays to pass through and heat the conservatory as well.
  9. Conservatory Ventilation : Make sure that you have enough opening windows to get a cooling breeze passing through the building even with the doors shut. We see a lot of customers asking for all top opening windows as they are totally unaware that with a dwarf wall you can have large mid-opening vents.
  10. Preglazed Window Frames : The latest thing on the market. If you have never glazed a window or toe and heeled a door then you could be in trouble. Knowing how the pack the frames correctly to give adequate drainage is a must. Also who is picking up the bill for any broken or smashed glass whilst glazing ? You !