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Diy Conservatories for Bungalows

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

If you find that you have a height restriction on the back of your house or simply that you are trying to find a Diy conservatory for a bungalow you have several options. Most companies will offer you a lean to conservatory. To start with you need to work out what the minimum height is for your Diy conservatory. This is determined by standing outside and looking back at the bungalow what the lowest point is on your property. This is usually the top of the back door or the top of the windows on the bungalow. Once you have this dimension don’t forget that if you are planning on having doors opening inwards to your conservatory to allow for the door to open. As a guide this dimension is around 2100mm high on most properties.
You then need to see if you have enough room above the door/windows to guide the wall plate over above the door and under the soffit. If you don’t it’s not a problem this is usually the case. All we need is the dimensions of the soffit that is stopping you putting the conservatory onto the bungalow wall and we will design your conservatory to fit the frames under the soffit and the fly the conservatory roof onto the front of the fascia for you.
Although this sounds complicated at Diy conservatory quote we will send you out a quick and simple form to fill in and then we do all the hard work for you.
If a lean to conservatory is not for you another option for Diy conservatories for bungalows is the hipped back conservatory. This style of conservatory adds a 4th dimension to your roof and allows for a box gutter to be bolted to your property above the minimum window height and below the soffit. These hipped back conservatories come in a number of styles including hipped back Edwardian conservatory and hipped back Victorian conservatory. If you look at our quotes page you can find online pricing for all these different styles of conservatory.