diy conservatory fitting services

Garden room conservatory

Our garden rooms have the same easy build system of our DIY Conservatories and are perfect for relaxing in the garden. All our garden rooms are also ideal for children play area’s, entertaining, office space or even surrounding a hot-tub. Keep it light and bright – White-painted timber boarding on this vaulted ceiling help reflect the light from the triangular glass over-panel in this spacious garden room. As well as directing views to the garden outside, the vaulted ceiling and exposed roof trusses are features that add interest to the interior and enrich the overall composition.

Garden Living room:

Set up a garden living room – This greenhouse has been converted into an absolute haven. Wicker furniture and comfy cushions in this tranquil space provide comfort all year round. We also love how the patio area includes a table and chairs to take advantage of those warmer days.

English craftsman style home renovation, with a new cottage and garage in Palo Alto, California.

Garden rooms– Perfect for blurring the lines between a traditional extension and a conservatory

With a solid roof a garden room offers more privacy than a glass roofed conservatory and is also perfect for bungalows due to their low eaves height which is similar to a sunroom. A garden room is great alternative to a traditional extension as it can be used all year round and remains cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Advantages of the garden room

  • A conservatory or garden room is the perfect solution for those wishing to add extra space to their home.
  • The main difference between a conservatory and a garden room is that a conservatory is attached to the main property, whereas a garden room is built separately.
  • Add bright, airy space. The elegant glass design of a conservatory helps to provide space that is stylish and filled with light, making it suitable for a wide range of purposes.
  • Improve their home: Improve the all house remained in the garden room.
  • One of the main advantages of a garden room over a conservatory is that the space is kept separate from the main property, making it suitable for particular uses.
  • Another advantage was the addition of so much natural light, helped with the choice of either a glazed or polycarbonate roof.
  • Garden rooms still offer a lot of natural light through the use of large windows and bi-folding or sliding folding doors or patio doors.
  • Garden rooms offer the advantage of having the roof tiled in the same material as the existing building and in years to come with weathering can look like it is a natural part of the property.

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