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Different types of Conservatory Roof Colours

You can simply enhance affection and style to your conservatory.
There are various coloured frames are available in conservatory system as an option to the standard white end.

There are various coloured frames available as an alternative option to standard white, light oak, Rosewood, Rosewood on white and light oak on white.

Polycarbonate Roofing

Polycarbonate is extremely popular material for conservatory roofs as it is lightweight, hard wearing and is twenty times tougher than standard glass. They are designed to reduce the glare are available in a wide selection of colours to go well with your conservatory roof. They usually come in a 25mm thickness but to reduce thermal loss, they can be upgraded to a 35mm thickness. Our range of polycarbonate roofs are multi cambered which means a quieter room if it rains than the old polycarbonate roofs that were available years ago. Both 25mm and 35 mm polycarbonate roofs come in a range of colours these include, opal which is a milk bottle white. You can also have clear and bronze which will reduce the glare if you are using your conservatory as an extra room. At we also offer bronze anti sun polycarbonate roof in a 35mm that has a silver finish on the outside and a white finish on the inside. This roof is designed to combat the heat problem that arises with traditional polycarbonate roofs, However with the onset of new performance glass if your budget will stretch to this, they will offer a quieter better heat saving option if coupled with low heat saving glass in the window frames and doors.

Performance glass roofs

Performanced glass roofs have come on no end in the last five years. The revolution was started with a metallic coating on the inside of the double glazed glass units, people remember this glass usually by its trade name and tend to ask for Pilkington K glass. The low emission glass market then expanded and now one of the market leaders is a company called Saint Gobain and they have a market leading range of products called planithern. In a basic form planithern’s thermal properties (it’s U value) is better at retaining heat in your conservatory. In situations where you have decided to knock a kitchen or other room into the conservatory without dividing doors, you must to comply with building regs fit low emission glass and we would recommend you add argon gas to the inside of the double glazed glass units to further increase their glass unit thermal properties. However another option is to upgrade the conservatory walls and doors glass to the best performing brand on the market called Celsius clear and Celsius one for the roof.


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