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Conservatory Prices -Are you getting the best Value?

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Conservatory Prices will vary from diy conservatory company to company. How can the conservatory prices vary so wildly on such a similar product you might be asking? Well the truth is known it’s all down to the quality that you are buying and the specification.
As a Wiseman once said “you only get what you pay for”, so taking this advice on board can I suggest that before you plummet for the lowest price conservatory that you think you are buying and just compare the specification. Here are a few things to look for or the corners that will be cut to get you that cheap conservatory price and you will never be the wiser.

  1. Unglazed frames. If a conservatory is delivered unglazed the supplier has not had to risk breaking the glass, glazing your conservatory or spend the time sorting every single piece of glass into every aperture. You have to!!
  2. Fully reinforced Frames. frames has full height aluminium from the cill to the very top corner of the frame. No other unglazed system can do this as they only reinforce inside the frames and can’t get the metal into the corners. Some companies don’t even go that far and stop where the transom meets the frame so only the bottom ¾ of the frame has metal in.
  3. Cheap thin 16mm polycarbonate roofing. These are usually the high street diy stores. Ours are 25mm thick and usually an upgrade is on offer to a 35mm twice as thick as the high street stores. This means double the insulation and more sound proofing.
  4. Only one handle on double doors. We put two as standard. Why companies do this I have no idea they save a lock in the slave door and a handle. The result is odd looking doors that ruin your brand new building.
  5. Cheap Handles on windows and doors. Low quality handles is probably the last thing you would think to ask about. Trust me a cheap handle feels cheap and looks cheap. We supply robust handles and doors to our conservatories that are built to last.
  6. 50mm 60mm frames Thinner frames means less insulation and poorer ascetics. Diy conservatory quotes are all 70mm.
  7. Cheaper 24mm glass units ours are all 28mm
  8. Cheap espag window locks ours are all high security shoot bolt locks that fix into the frame
  9. Cheap door locks ours are all maco high security multipoint locks with hook locks as standard
  10. Two hinges on all doors not three. Ours have Three to make sure that the door doesn’t drop.
  11. Gutters and drainpipes are extra, ours are all included.
  12. Not giving Toughened safety glass and virgin materials as standard. We don’t brag and worry people about this. It’s a basic requirement why advertise it. Unless you don’t have enough other things to inform people. It’s like buying a car without wheels you just don’t do it.
  13. Delivered by one man on a courier. Finally ours are delivered on our own transport by two men who will carry it down your drive and put it where you want it and stay and check it off with you
  14. 10 yr guarantee do they give you that!!

I could rant on forever I think everything in life is a compromise but if I don’t tell you about these pot holes then you are going to fall down them. If you get a similar specification as ours I’m sure that the price and service will be similar as well. Make sure you spend your money wisely and don’t buy something you regret for a few hundred pounds spread over the next 10 years.

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