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Box Gutter Conservatory

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Fitting a conservatory to a bungalow

Fitting a conservatory to a bungalow or single storey extension may seem initially quite a tricky job but with a few simple measurements we can design your building to fit exactly to your home. Using a box gutter you are no longer limited to the traditional lean to style conservatory and can now have the added luxury of an Edwardian or Victorian style of roof.

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Box gutters explained

Our box gutters are a structural part of the conservatory roof. Usually around 135mm wide but ranging upto 210mm. Our aluminium box gutter bolts straight on to the house wall. Its robust self supporting design whether used on the side, back or both of the conservatory is easy to fit and made to measure for your design.

In some situations such as a bungalow you may not have enough room under the soffit to fit the box gutter above the back door. In this situation the box gutter can be fitted directly onto the fascia with the window frames of the conservatory carrying on back under the soffit to the wall.

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Raised box gutters

This type of box gutter is mainly used in situations where a partial return wall is interfering with the roof. Its high back and additional strength make it ideal for welding and creating turns in the gutter. Its use allows the window frames to be run inline with the wall without the need to build support pillar.

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Bank Holiday Offers Diy Conservatory Quote

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Great Easter savings all this weekend on Diy Conservatories.

This weekend we are offering everyone who has a quote with us the following deal

Free Pilkington’s K glass
Free Argon Filled gas Units
Free 35mm Poly Roof Upgrade

Together these are worth over £500 making this the warmest conservatory available on the net.
Pilkington K glass is a low emission glass that has a very thin metallic coating on the inside of one of the panes of glass. This reflects any heat inside the conservatory back into the room but to increase the heat saving properties even further we are adding argon gas inside the unit to give the glass even better insulation properties. This inert gas fills the air gap inside the glass unit and adds to the insulating properties of the glass.
But just like leaving the top off of a boiling saucepan there is no point in insulating the glass sides and allowing the heat to be lost through the roof. So we are also offering a 35mm roof upgrade from 25mm making this the warmest conservatory on the net.

New for 2009 Diy Conservatory Porches

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Take a look here for our brand new range of Diy Conservatory Porches

Diy Conservatory Special Offers

Friday, December 5th, 2008

Make sure that you take a look at our special offers page. We have got some great winter diy conservatory prices and offers that include free openers , free roof vents and chrome handles to mention a few.