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Celsius Glass Properties and U values

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This data shows the properties of the Celsius glass but what does it mean ?

The first important factor is the u value of the glass

What is the u-value or what is a u value ??

A u value is a measurement of how well a building component is a window or a roof , keeps heat inside your conservatory.

Celsius clear and Celsius one have a U value of One compared to normal glass that is around two.

As there are no heat loss requirements on a conservatory or porch you do not have to have a performance glass to comply to building regulations (unless in Scotland).

To try and give an idea of how good Celsius glass is if normal 28mm double glazed units are around 2.0 u value Pilkington K glass is around 1.7 u value and Pilkington K glass with argon is 1.5 u value. Celsius Clear and One have a u value of One whilst Celsius elite has a u value of 0.9

It is all about balancing the side walls u value with the roof. There is no point in having a performance glass in the sides of the conservatory for instance Pilkington K glass with a u value of 1.7 and then putting a plain glass roof on top with a u value of 2.0. The only comparison for this is having a sauce pan without a lid where all the heat disappears through the roof.

I have also found that some companies are offering argon gas in the plain glass units as an offer ? Argon works best inside a performance glass where is works with the low emission coating to lower the U value of the glass for improved performance. I doubt in normal glass this difference is noticeable and so would not bother this is not a performance glass just a salesmans trick to lead you away from his commission.

Another question that keeps popping up is are glass roofs better than polycarbonate roofs. In all honesty it depends on your budget and what you are using the conservatory for.

If you are making your conservatory an occasional room and are not going to watch the tv in there when its raining Polycarbonate has better u Values than Plain glass. Around 1.5