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Conservatory base systems: Know total about base

Durabase System

Lean to conservatory base technique recommends the Durabase system for always easy conservatory installation process.

What is Durabase?

The Durabase System is a established solution for conservatory bases and there will be no clutter, no bother and only taking a division of the right time to install that include some of the key benefits. The Durabase System consists of a custom-built steel base and modular wall, made to your correct features, therefore it makes sure it is a right fit for your DIY conservatory every time!

Why Durabase?

Durabase lessens lots of efforts and hard work and even, most of the nuisance related with the outdated style conservatory base building, but still offers a complete safe, strong and robust base for your conservatory. Durabase gets in kit type and is right for both professional and DIY construction. The only basics requisite are a number of tangible pads placed at planned points around the base.

Brick Finish

Durabase modular walls are featured with real brick tiles and mortar. We have an array of finishes that will aid match your presented house brick.

No need to go manhole or drains

Manholes do not require providing a high-priced impediment. The base will naturally extent the drain and applying through a trap-door and detachable floor beam, constructed during fabrication.

Major Benefits

Faster : The Durabase turns up in kit variety complete with underfloor insulation set for a fast and easy gathering. The average base can be installed just in same day.
Easier : Jagged or pitched sites and complex site access are simply rise above with Durabase.
Cleaner : Theres no need for extensive digging, which reduces the amount of soil to arrange of and the commotion caused to the site.
Uncomplicated Installation : Durabase is right for either professional or DIY installation. Durabase can be gathered only with a few DIY experiences. No professional tradesman or brick layers are obligatory. The Modular walls are bricked and mortared prior to they are dispatched to the places.