diy conservatory fitting services

Conservatory Box Gutters and Existing Walls


At we can design your conservatory to allow it to join existing walls. Effectively instead of buying the usual 3 sided conservatory you want a 2 sided conservatory, for instance, with a front wall and one side only. We tend to use a 225mm box gutter, that has a box gutter height of 102mm and a front to back depth of 225mm.

Soil Pipe stopping your Conservatory Design ?

Don’t worry what we can do is design you box gutter with a cut out in it to go around your box gutter. It is then a simple job to close in around the soil pipe and make it much tidier inside the conservatory and our box gutter cut out lets the soil pipe pass through the roof without breaking into the roofs polycarbonate or glass sheets.

If you would like more information or a cut through drawing to show how our box gutter system could work on with your conservatory design just email us at