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Edwardian Style Conservatory

Edwardian Style Conservatory Design

At we offer the best design advice for your conservatories. Take a typical Edwardian Conservatory, this flat fronted design is the most spacious and its internal spaces give you the most room for your money. With no diagonal facets its conservatory base is the easiest of all the conservatories to mark out and build. Door position on the Edwardian conservatory is also key to maximizing the space that you have available. A poorly positioned door can create a corridor through the centre of the floor dividing the Conservatory furniture so that a seating plan is difficult. If possible one of the best places for the door is on the side of the conservatory. We usually position our doors one frame away from the house this allows a little bit more flexibility with things like TV positions or allowing the doors from the house to fold flat back on to the house wall. But if you want the doors next to the house we fit all our doors with Door restrictors as standard to prevent the wind from catching them and slamming shut.

All of our conservatories come with double doors as standard but you can ask for additional separate doors if you are taking out a window to get into your conservatory and with a couple of cuts the results to the existing house are instant.