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French Doors (double doors) and Conservatories

French Doors (double doors)

French doors are the best way to join the outside of your property with the inside. They do this with a style and elegance that maintains the traditional look of your property.

At their best a well designed set of French doors (double doors) allow light to stream into the your room creating a great feeling of space.

They allow you easy access from your house into your conservatory and then again out into the garden. At you can order your French doors with low threshold for easy wheelchair access.

One of the most popular uses of Exterior French doors is to fit them under existing lintels where a previous window had been installed. This allows By using a series of well-positioned cuts the installing of a French door is a relatively easy operation.

A 6ft French door is around the average size although 8 ft French doors are not uncommon but need top lights and side lights to make the doors sashes safe and useable.

We see our doors as an extension of you conservatory order so we do not charge high prices for bespoke French doors for your build. We generally supply the French doors at the same price that the high street DIY stores. Ours however are a much higher specification and are made and delivered especially for you. Just ask about our additional French door sets when ordering your conservatory and it will all be delivered together.