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Top Ten Sales Tricks to make your DIY Conservatory Cheaper

Not all diy conservatories are the same ! I have had several conversations over the last week with potential customers saying “Oh well they never said anything about that”. So in an effort to assist you in making an informed Diy Conservatory purchase here’s my top 10 sales tricks that you never thought to ask about.

  1. The conservatory frames are not factory glazed so you risk breaking the glass
  2. The dimensions of your conservatory have changed to slightly smaller with confusion over internal or external sizes
  3. Dwarf wall is 450mm this makes the wall sections lower and looks odd
  4. Cheap toughened glass roofs are offered as an incentive to buy, these are expensive to heat
  5. Frames are not structurally reinforced with aluminium
  6. No Installation kit or fixings
  7. Guttering , down pipe and rainwater goods are extra
  8. Transoms (the horizontal top light across the window making it 2 panes )have been removed.
  9. No Installation guide, DVD or poorly prepared trade instructions making you installation impossible
  10. Roof and frames are not made by the same supplier so the colour doesn’t match