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What Conservatory design ??

Conservatory Design
At DIY Conservatory Quote we offer the best conservatory design advice for your conservatories. Take a typical Edwardian Conservatory, this flat fronted design is the most spacious and its internal spaces give you the most room for your money.
When designing a conservatory the first thing to consider is what am I going to use this conservatory for?
If its going to be a dining room on the back of the house is it big enough to comfortably seat your table and guests with out being cramped. If its going to be a TV room do I need a glass roof to keep the noise of the rain down on cold winter nights.

Which direction does it face ? You will be surprised how hot your conservatory gets even on cloudy days. I open the doors on mine and take the chill off of the lounge quite easily. If its south facing do you need a heatguard polycarbonate roof to reflect some of that heat. Also within your Conservatory Design specification make careful consideration of the glass type in the frames that you want. As fast as a conservatory warms up they cool down with out Pilkington k glass to stop the heat escaping.
Another conservatory design factor is what style of conservatory do I want ?
The Victorian design conservatory tend to limit furniture positions unless they are really big. The Edwardian Conservatory, with no diagonal facets, is the easiest of all the Diy Conservatories to mark out and build. The lean to conservatory design is great in height restricted builds ie on bungalows but a box guttered conservatory is a great alternative with the box gutter bolting on the fascia
Door position on a conservatory is also key to maximizing the space that you have available. A poorly positioned door can create a corridor through the center of the floor dividing the Conservatory furniture so that a seating plan is difficult. If possible one of the best places for the door is on the side of the conservatory. A good position of doors is one frame away from the house this allows a little bit more flexibility with things like TV positions or allowing the doors from the house to fold flat back on to the house wall. But if you want the doors next to the house make sure that the conservatory designer fits all the doors with door restrictors as standard to prevent the wind from catching them and slamming shut.
Most conservatory designs come with double doors as standard but you can ask for additional separate doors to give your conservatory design more flexibility.
Don’t worry if you have height constrictions or are looking for a conservatory to attach to a bungalow. A Hipped back Edwardian Conservatory can be easily adjusted to fit on or under any soffit height. By contacting us for a price we then once agreed send out the relevant forms for you to fill in and guide you through the design process one step at a time.
Whatever your design choice at we will make your build as easy as possible with clear concise drawings and friendly help all the way to finished conservatory project.