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Beware of Unscrupulous Diy Conservatory Companies

It’s not often that I get angry but currently there is a wave of stupidity running through the diy conservatory industry. At we offer glazed diy conservatories. Our competitors cant, they have to offer separate frames with the glass not in the frames as their conservatory walls have to be screwed together. The cause of my frustration ………. when asked by a potential customer “are your frames glazed”, they are replying yes. Then supplying conservatory frames that the poor customer has to remove the glass from the conservatory to screw the frames together and then REGLAZE them. What a complete waste of time, effort and risking of breaking the glass.
Here’s a piece of advice why not ask “Does your conservatory come fully glazed and can you explain how the frames assemble together?”
I don’t mind healthy competition but this kind of stupidity ruins the customers experience and the potential of future recommendations or maybe they just dont get ANY recommendations !!!!

Andrew Savory (owner)