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Box Gutter Conservatory

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Fitting a conservatory to a bungalow

Fitting a conservatory to a bungalow or single storey extension may seem initially quite a tricky job but with a few simple measurements we can design your building to fit exactly to your home. Using a box gutter you are no longer limited to the traditional lean to style conservatory and can now have the added luxury of an Edwardian or Victorian style of roof.

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Box gutters explained

Our box gutters are a structural part of the conservatory roof. Usually around 135mm wide but ranging upto 210mm. Our aluminium box gutter bolts straight on to the house wall. Its robust self supporting design whether used on the side, back or both of the conservatory is easy to fit and made to measure for your design.

In some situations such as a bungalow you may not have enough room under the soffit to fit the box gutter above the back door. In this situation the box gutter can be fitted directly onto the fascia with the window frames of the conservatory carrying on back under the soffit to the wall.

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Raised box gutters

This type of box gutter is mainly used in situations where a partial return wall is interfering with the roof. Its high back and additional strength make it ideal for welding and creating turns in the gutter. Its use allows the window frames to be run inline with the wall without the need to build support pillar.

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Celsius One Glass Roof diy conservatory

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Comes to diy conservatory quote
With its blue tint and enhanced abilities, Celsius One sets a new standard in performance glazing.
In keeping with our commitment to continued innovation, diy conservatory quote and the conservatory base company has a stunning range of ‘coated’ smart glass that’s perfect for use in conservatory roofs. Glass that can help to keep homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter, whilst offering other benefits such as minimal maintenance, ease of cleaning and much more besides.
Impressive technological features combined with a subtle blue tint in the glass helps ensure that unwanted glare is kept to a minimum allowing for all year round enjoyment of the conservatory. Other features mean heat from inside the home is reflected back into the property, whilst excessive solar heat is deflected away. Celsius is one of the few glazings on the market to offer this unique combination of heat reflection and thermal insulation.

Heat Reflection: 78%
Celsius One reflects approximately 3 times more solar energy than standard glass.
U-value: 1.0
U-value measures internal heat loss, the lower the number, the greater the insulation.

UV Protection: 94%
Reduces the effect of harmful UV rays allowing greater protection of your furniture and fabrics.
Easy Clean
The Easy Clean coating reduces the requirement of manual cleaning, as it enables water to run off the glass taking most dirt and grime with it.

Glare Factor: 53%
Celsius One reduces glare by 53% compared to standard glazing.

Beware of Unscrupulous Diy Conservatory Companies

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

It’s not often that I get angry but currently there is a wave of stupidity running through the diy conservatory industry. At we offer glazed diy conservatories. Our competitors cant, they have to offer separate frames with the glass not in the frames as their conservatory walls have to be screwed together. The cause of my frustration ………. when asked by a potential customer “are your frames glazed”, they are replying yes. Then supplying conservatory frames that the poor customer has to remove the glass from the conservatory to screw the frames together and then REGLAZE them. What a complete waste of time, effort and risking of breaking the glass.
Here’s a piece of advice why not ask “Does your conservatory come fully glazed and can you explain how the frames assemble together?”
I don’t mind healthy competition but this kind of stupidity ruins the customers experience and the potential of future recommendations or maybe they just dont get ANY recommendations !!!!

Andrew Savory (owner)

DIY Conservatories in a Variety of Styles including Lean To, Edwardian and Victorian

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

DIY Conservatories in a Variety of Styles including Lean To, Edwardian and Victorian

Our range of DIY Conservatories includes Victorian Conservatories, Edwardian Conservatories, Traditional Lean-To Conservatories, Edwardian Double Hipped Conservatories, Victorian Double Hipped Conservatories, Pavilion Conservatories, Gull Wing Conservatories and P-Shaped Victorian Conservatories. Our diy conservatories are designed with both style and security in mind, are are supplied with quality hinges and locking systems for a more secure conservatory.

Trade and Public Supplier of DIY Conservatories in the UK

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

So for low maintenance, easy to assemble, quality diy conservatories at a price that is sure to please, visit our quote area now to select your style, colour, size, glass, handles and other options you want to customise your diy conservatory. Create your new space for less than you would expect at DIY Conservatory Quote – the reliable choice for DIY Conservatories in the UK.

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