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Conservatory base for sunrooms used

Conservatory, Sunroom, as these all terms have been quite used in variations these days, however they are dissimilar from each other. Let us first understand what they are.


  • Sunroom is a word used in global countries such as USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and some European countries also.
  • As a conservatory, a sunroom is also an additional room to the house on one side.
  • Sunroom is also well-known as solarium or patio.
  • Solarium and sunroom/patio vary in materials they are designed from.
  • As the name recommends, a solarium is quite radiant and furnace because it has glass roof and glass walls all around. In compare, a sunroom has an obscure roof and walls might or might not have glasses. Similarly, patios do not have much right of entry to sunlight.
  • The essential point of the sunroom is to make use of it as a living room.

Conservatory Vs. Sunroom

  • A conservatory diverges from a sunroom in the reason it is constructed for. Conservatories are utilised for horticulture, while sunrooms are used for leisure.
  • The roof of a conservatory is constructed with transparent substances such as like glass, plastic, etc. whereas the roof of a sunroom is designed with obscure materials.
  • A sunroom is known as conservatory when it has full access to sunlight. A sunroom might or might not have as much right of entry as a conservatory performs.

Contemporary conservatories and sunrooms became well-liked since 19th century as an additional room or porch to houses. Nowadays, these glass conservatories are used as living rooms, storage rooms, and more.