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Conservatory Kits

Conservatory Kits

Conservatory kits are a great way to improve you the value of your home if done well. Conservatory kits can also be cheap and nasty and create an eyesore.

It is a common misconception that all conservatory kits are the same. Well let me tell you now they aren’t. Like everything there are good and bad and like everything in life you generally get what you pay for. What they are, is great way of adding space and value to your home.

So what should I look out for and what are the differences between the different types of supply only conservatory kits ?

Generally it’s not what the salesman tells you it’s important to know what he has not told you. When buying a conservatory kit make sure that you get at least 2 quotes. All diy conservatory kit companies will do this free of charge. Some of the better ones will supply you with a 3d drawing of your choice so that visualising the build is much easier. Always ask for a Conservatory Kit product specification. Below is my minimum recommendation

  1. The conservatory kit is pre-glazed i.e. the window panels come out to you with the glass in and then are joined together using aluminium joiners. This prevents you smashing the glass when trying to glaze the frames. Don’t listen to the salesman that his unglazed conservatory is easy to glaze ask him to explain how the beading fits and he will soon run out of the room. He will have never glazed one in his life. Trust me I have and you have to match the glass to the aperture, mark and remove the glass, pack it correctly so that the drainage isn’t blocked and then put the beading back in. It’s a ball ache and he doesn’t want to tell you that. Do you know how to toe and heel a door so it doesn’t stick ?
  2. That it is a 70mm System. This means that the conservatory window frames are at least 70mm thick some systems brought in from sunnier climates are 50 or 60mm these have lower insulation properties and so you build will lose heat rapidly
  3. That the glass in the windows of the conservatory kit is 28mm and internally glazed. This is a great trick on low end cheap conservatory kits. Make the glass units thinner usually 20mm or 24mm and then externally glaze the product. This means that again you lose heat due to thinner glass units but more worryingly your glass units can be removed from the outside. They are less secure and easy to break in to as the beading can be removed from the outside.
  4. The roof polycarbonate is at least 25mm easy this one just watch the high street diy superstores as some of their conservatory kits contain 16mm polycarbonate roof sheets
  5. That the windows and doors are multipoint locking. A cheap alternative on the window locks are espags (roller cams) always ask for Shoot bolts these lock into the frame of the conservatory providing greater security and usually a second position night vent. Doors again multipoint locking with twin handles. You will be amazed how many companies offer you a conservatory kit with only one handle on one door. Well you didn’t ask for two did you!

Don’t let me put you off buying a Diy conservatory Kit they are great and easy to build just make sure you have printed off this document when the sales guy rings. Happy building!

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