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Steel conservatory base prices How Much?

When considering to purchase a steel conservatory base you must first of all decide on the whether you want a dwarf wall or a base for a full height conservatory model. Obviously the base with a dwarf wall will be more expensive but there are a few tricks to keeping the price down.

  1. The lower the wall the cheaper the steel conservatory base cost. Most brick conservatories are 600mm dwarf wall keeping your base to 525mm has little effect on the conservatory ascetics but will lower the price.
  2. Increase door sizes to the maximum ie you need less dwarf wall. The price of glass is far cheaper that the extra height wall.
  3. Think about other options if the dwarf wall conservatory cost is getting towards the top end of you budget. For instance obscure glass down one side where the neighbours fence is, makes a great cost saving.
  4. Remember that when you are comparing the cost of you steel base, you only have to pay for the concrete to fill the square pads and not pay for the complete conservatory foundations.
  5. With a steel conservatory base like the durabase they will always fit and save you a lot of money on labour
  6. The conservatory base insulation is included as is the internal flooring leaving it ready for you to add your desired floor finish.

Although there are other conservatory base systems on the market our Durabases are the only BBA Building regulations approved and come with a full 10 year guarantee increased to 25yr more recently.