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Capella Orangeries Conservatory

The Capella Orangeries is a unique modular system that is a simple yet effective add-on to a standard conservatory. The options available include a high fronted feature aluminium gutter that conceals the end of the glazing bar, and an internal full-height plaster boarded soffit ideal for downlighters or speakers. An appealing orangery solution, designed to complement the conservatory roof.


Capella Orangery Conservatory

Boasting a truly unique appearance, the Capella roof is a full glass construction which allows any home to be flooded with natural light. And because our Capella orangeries are made bespoke to your individual needs, it means anyone can upgrade an existing conservatory to give it that distinctive orangery look effectively acting as a conservatory conversion.

Its aluminium high-fronted gutter not only hides the roof and glazing bars, it also allows you to have an eye-catching plastered internal soffit, which is sometimes known as a pelmet, on the inside. This means your Capella orangery can have down-lights or speakers discreetly installed, giving your home a unique appearance that will be the envy of friends and neighbours.

Capella Orangeries design features:

  • External gutter options:
  • Standard PVC-U gutter
  • High fronted integral aluminium gutter (that hides the ends of the roof glazing bars)
  • Summer aluminium decorative fascia

    Internal soffit options:

  • Internal brackets create orangery shelf-like appearance (Depth of 158mm or 316mm)
  • Fully plastered soffit using easy to fit angle bracket (Depth of 300mm or 600mm, 25˚ pitch as standard)
  • Glazing: Privacy film (optional) professionally fitted to the area of the glass roof that would allow the homeowner to see the internal workings of the soffit from above, allowing for a high standard of finish.

Capella Orangeries benefits:

  • A lower cost orangery solution
  • Usual building regulations exceptions apply
  • Easy to fit – adds only 2-3 hours to an installation
  • Available to retro-fit existing builds (restrictions apply)
  • A unique product for your portfolio.

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