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Garden Bases Elin Timber Offices

Garden and home offices classically -styled with extra design elements to create elegant usable working spaces. Available in a range of colours these building are designed to make the most of your outside space without compromising the building regulations.

timber-officeTimber Kit Buildings supply the finest quality log cabins and outdoor living products at the lowest prices available anywhere on the island of Ireland. At Garden Affairs, our customers often ask about maximising insulation levels in our log cabins, reducing heat loss and helping to create a warm, comfortable environment all year round.

Our price-match guarantee ensures our customers won’t get a better deal elsewhere. Our timber quality and huge range of innovative log cabin and outdoor living product designs are unrivalled.

The benefits of timber buildings:

Timber Log Cabins help us achieve both energy-efficient airtightness and natural breathability
A timber Log Cabin with a high specification roof and floor insulation and good quality double-glazed timber doors and windows creates a natural, breathable work environment with good airtightness but also good breathability.

There are other natural building materials like strawbales, wool, clay, cob and lime mortar, but youd have to agree timber is the easiest on the list to source and build! We manufacture log cabins with solid timber walls in 45mm, 58mm, 70mm and greater thicknesses.

Importantly, you can finish them with microporous breathable paints to maintain this natural breathability advantage. Breathe easy! All ranges come with two levels of internal fit the first is the standard range which is a hard wearing Nordic spruce.

The building is clad externally with 19mm cladding and is ordered without insulation. The second is the insulated elements range that adds an internal insulated skin to make this a warm room construction.